What I do

I’m a freelance journalist, which includes being a writer, editor, copywriter, content creator and editorial consultant.

I specialise in health content, so one day I could be writing fitness features for a magazine and the next I’m helping a well-known charity rewrite their website. I could be creating quizzes for national brands, or writing scripts for How To videos. You can see some of my recent work here.

As an editor, I can manage individual or on-going projects, commission experts’ and freelancers’ copy, ensure proper medical referencing is used (if needed) and – above all – make it all sound exciting, interesting and relevant to your readers.

I can also proofread and rewrite existing websites, using SEO to boost natural search terms, plan content strategy, and create social posts across all platforms.

If you’d like me to do one – or all – of the above for you, please get in touch.